Best Menstrual Heat Pads and Why You Should Use Them                  (Paranyx, Talias Secret and Others)

Best Menstrual Heat Pads and Why You Should Use Them (Paranyx, Talias Secret and Others)

 Whether you have mild aches or severe pangs from your menstrual cramps, a heating pad might be a lifesaver. This is so because heated pads promote blood flow, and improved blood flow aids in the relaxation of tense or cramped muscles. The heat aids in the relaxation of uterine muscles, which lessens cramping in cases of menstruation or PMS pain.

There are numerous ways to take advantage of a heating pad's pain-relieving properties, and in this article we'll look at:

the scientific evidence in favor of using heating pads during uncomfortable periods.
How to safely use heating pads.
a quick method to improve the effectiveness of heating pads.

Now in the case of period cramps, one theory about why it works states that 
heat relaxes the myometrium. The myometrium is the middle layer of the uterine wall and it’s also where the smooth muscles – which contract and cause pain – happen to be.
by relaxing the myometrium, the blood vessels that were constricted are able to relax and allow more blood to flow to the uterus.
Of course, this is just theory. But, what does research actually have to say about this? Well, there’s a study that was done with a small group of women who were experiencing period pain.

The women used heating pads at a temperature of 104 – 107°F and the study showed that heating pads produce the following changes in menstrual pain:

27% decrease in pain after 1 hour.
43% decrease in pain after 2 hours.
79% decrease in pain after 4 hours.
Aside from evaluating pain reduction, the researchers also looked at changes in blood flow to the uterus.

And they found that the women who had the most pain reduction also appeared to have increased blood flow to the uterus.

Now, do keep in mind that from a scientific perspective this study wasn’t perfect because there was no control or placebo group. However, there’s no denying the results!

Hopefully, more studies on this topic will be done under more scientifically ideal conditions.

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For most people, applying a heating pad to the lower abdomen is the best way to get relief from period cramps. In addition, you can also apply heat to the lower back area for added relief.

The final choice of where to apply heat is really up to you and depends on where you tend to experience the most pain.

Also, some of us can tolerate heat better in one part of the body versus another part.

So, if you find that your lower abdominal area is too sensitive to heat, then try using the heating pad on the lower back (or vice versa).


Even though menstrual cramping is very common, it’s not something that you have to put up with.

Natural remedies like a heating pad are a simple way to get quick relief so that you can still live your life.

And if you’re looking for more than just temporary relief, then be sure to check out the related articles below as well as my complete collection of  There are lots of free tips that you can use to have a struggle-free period!

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